Thursday, January 28, 2016

...we're just lazy in posting

Again, as over and over again we fail to keep this blog updated... Meanwhile we organized a nice hip hop party at the Rizom-Lma basement. Honestly it was a lot of fun! Felt nice to dance with our friends, and not worry too much about assholes.Not to worry about money, stupid bouncers or macho bullshit. Ah, the joys of DIY!***
 In other DIY news, there was also a first lecture circle organized by Rizom Infokiosk. Again, feels good to be in control over your intellectual stimulation!

What happens next:

metallic hardcore friends, bucuresti

Locatie/Location: (S. Brassai nr.5)
Data/Date: sambata 13 februarie
Ora/Time: 21.00

*** See you there! Defend DIY! ***

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