Friday, January 16, 2015

SHOWS & LMA collective stuffs

We haven’t been uploading or writing anything for a while. Sorry for that.

No worries, we are still active. Organizing shows, dreaming and plotting on the new LMA zine… Traveling, singing, dancing, cooking, eating, reading, writing, loving, crying, screaming, and all that things people do.


*** NOODWEER *** 27/01/15 @ MOLOTOV PUB
diy crust from Groningen – NL

location: Yamadori Pub (ex Molotov) – str. Virgil Fulicea nr.13
date: 27 ianuarie
time: 21:30
band support: 10 ron


anarcha feminist xvx fastcore from Berlin – DE
 location: Yamadori Pub (ex Molotov) – str. Virgil Fulicea nr.13
date: 3 februarie
time: 21:30
band support: 10 ron

*** that being said, onward to random info stuff ***
We used to have a different name for the collective that was organizing shows, Thrashsilvania Bandana Collective (TBC), but now we decided it’s easier to make it all under the name of LMA collective. Easier.

Sooo… from now on, for diy punk, hardcore & such shows contact us: leavemealone [at] and on stupid facebook:

No new zines yet, but hopefully, inspiration, motivation and passion will strike hard soon!

And apparently, we didn’t post anything about any shows or events during the whole 2014… only on stupid facebook. And that makes at least this writer feel stupid. It felt a bit wrong before, but after meeting two people and reading two zines, I felt even more stupid. It’s about meeting two nice persons that I’ve met before while organizing a show for two cool bands from the balkans (Katma & The Truth). So I was somewhere in the Balkans having a jolly good time, when these two persons and I figured out that we know each other. And then I’ve been asked about our zine and I’ve been totally surprised that people care. It was an amazing feeling. Later I’ve received two nice zines from them: Selftitled #5 and International Old School Conspiracy #16. Zines were very nice lecture on the long way back to Cluj-Napoca. The impact of facebook and the internet on our lives is questioned in the lines on this zine. Check ‘em out if curious, it’s a pleasant lecture and also made me think and relate to some views over life, capitalism, anarchy and this scene.

To end this post … we leave you with posters from last years’ shows… 


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